Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DI and plagarism

Well, the folks at the intelligent design think tank The Discovery Institute apparently do know how to recognize good design when they see it. At least when it comes to slickly produced videos showing computer-generated cellular processes.

The story is that several members of the Discovery Institute, such as Bill Dembski, have been showing a video produced for Harvard by company XVIVO called "The Inner Life of the Cell" (short version here and long version here). In fact, some of you may remember it as the video Brandeis showed during his research seminar talk.

The problem is that the DI fellows strip off the credits and attribution from the end. Also they edit their own "narration" over it. Oh, also, when I say "story," I mean there's video evidence. SA Smith has the story at ERV.


ERV said...

Hey, thanks for spreading the word!

And I went to school at Truman! :P