Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mass Thought Mumbo Jumbo

A few months ago, I was introduced to Ian Crossland via YouTube. After watching a few of his 223 video, such as this one,

I decided that this guy was just a nut and possibly high. However, a few days later, fellow poster Flavin directed me to this page. It appears the Mr. Crossland is an actor of the unknown kind. This led me to believe that Mr. Cossland may not be as vacuous as he appears to be in his video. Perhaps is it a way of building an acting resume of sorts. When auditioning, he can now say, "Look. I have a bunch of people believing I'm nuts." This is probably wishful thinking though.

In response to the above video, it is obvious that he does not have any idea what a dimension is. But who knows, maybe the 7th dimension is puppies. I do have some favorite quotes.

"Perception is truth in the 6th dimension."
"That's what people mean when they say 'stay grounded'. Literally, stay in this dimension"
"I feel like it's the 6th dimension."

I also wanted to include this second video because it made me laugh. I think that is why I watch him. When my brain cannot process what he is saying, I have no choice but to laugh.

I hope you enjoyed these videos. I will post the funny ones as I sort through some of his 200+ videos. I will probably stick to the ones on quantum mechanics though. Oh, here is his personal website. There is not much to it though.