Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Title

You may have noticed a slight change. After our discussion at last night's meeting, Ben and I brainstormed a few new title ideas. The first neotitle was "A Fistful of Science" which, while very clever, didn't quite convey any information about us. The only other contender, and the ultimate winner, was "Gateway Skepticism."

I think the new title is not only a little catchy, it gives a little bit of the flavor of the group. It conveys a regional message, as the official name of the arch is the "Gateway to the West". This is also sometimes used as a nickname of the city of St. Louis itself. The title also works to invoke the phrase "gateway drug," hence the tagline below the title.

Well, enough of that. I hope you like the new title. If you don't, let Ben or I know. We will probably just ignore your complaints, but there's a small chance we'll listen.


adam said...

the tag line sounds a little sexual

Theodote Carthage said...

yeah, science is so sexy.