Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Upcoming SLSS Meeting

For those who are not on my mailing list and are interested, we will be having a meeting next Wednesday (12/12) at 8pm at Flavin's apartment. If you are interested, e-mail me for directions. Here's the agenda:

Flavin: Pseudo-scientific Abuses of Quantum Mechanics
Grant: "Structure of Scientific Revolutions" or "Math, Matter, and the Mind"
Chris: ???
Dimitri: Crazy Happenings on Greek TV
Ben: Crazy Memory Water

-Changing the title of the blog
-Combining forces with the university and/or volunteering at the science center
-Increasing out visibility (Dawkins, CFI)
-Recent events involving the blog (Skeptics Circle)

Hope to see you there.


Flavin said...

I think I may talk on the Comer case. I have been writing about it already, and I've got no extra time to research another topic.