Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Half-life Prank on Coast-to-Coast

Being a fan of the Half-life games, I find this hilarious. For those of you who have played the games, you'll get a chuckle. If you don't know what I'm talking about, this caller is describing a reoccurring situation in the video game but passing it off as fact on a famous radio show about the paranormal. It's only a few minutes long so give it a listen. You won't be disappointed.

You can read a little more about it on Skepchick.


Flavin said...

Pardon my language, but holy fucking shit this is hilarious!

Why didn't he mention stopping time, though? Or rescuing him from situations that would otherwise certainly be deadly? Perhaps his seeming antagonism to Vortigaunts? Great, but could have been better.

Ben said...

Well I'm sure the caller wanted it to be ALMOST believable though I think Noory (the host) would have went along with anything. I wonder how much of the woo Noory believes and how much is just him nodding his head and keeping the show going. He has an extremely popular show.

Flavin said...

I'll have to start reading Kotaku again, as they posted this clip on Monday.

I'll relate the few comments that are worth reading.

I find it highly unlikely that a theoretical physicist like Dr. Freeman would ever use the word 'mystical' to describe anything.

I love coast to coast, One night when I was listening a woman called in saying she had solved what UFO's really were. Turns out it was Jesus coming and picking up his people.

I think it's a bit presumptuous to say the host "totally fell for it" [as previous commenters had assumed]. I've heard this show before and people come on and say the craziest dumb shit like an american indian who hung out with an elf who bought him drinks (real call) and I think he just says "ok well you keep us up to date" to get them to go away quickly and keep the show moving along. If he said "you're a liar stfu gtfo" to every crazy person who called the show would be 15 minutes long.

And in response to cries that the video was faked:
Sign up free at am770chqr.com, you can get into the audio archives to listen to shows from the past week or beyond. Go to Jan 19, 2 am and it will start playing the show from that night. Go to 48:30 in your media player and it will prove to you that this call was real.

My brother and I used to prank call Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM all the time. My favorite was when he called in to the "time travelers line", and said he was here from ten minutes into the future, and that the government was abducting beavers and weasels to extract a potent chemical musk used for Biological warfare. Good times.

Ben said...

Makes me wonder if most of the calls are pranks. That would be quite amusing. Everyone who listens thinks they are pranking each other. Very absurd.

Lydzilla said...

Wow, that's funny as hell.