Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not Skepticism but Damn Cool

I was cruising Snopes when I came across this page. An Australian artist, Ron Mueck has put together some amazing life sculptures. I just thought I would share. You can see more of these here. here, here, and here. And some say us science-minded folk don't appreciate the artsy stuff.


Flavin said...

That reminds me. Did you go to Body Worlds?

Ben said...

Yes I did. I really should have blogged about it. It was probably the most life-affirming and scientifically stimulating exhibit I have ever seen. It was also an artistic wonder. I high recommend seeing it. Hopefully it is still in town.

Ben said...

It looks like it is in town until March 2. I might go again.

Flavin said...

I might join you. Perhaps we could mention it at the meeting.

Ben said...

Sounds like a plan. I was looking though the Body Worlds site, and they have celebrity comments. My favorites:

"Very well done! It made me very hungry."
Danny DeVito, US actor

"What a great exhibit. Now I know exactly what’s going on when I’m hung over."
Michael McDonald, US actor

Penn: "Proof positive of education—wow."
Teller: "Now, if only I can die of a sufficiently dreadful disease to earn myself a really good pose."
Penn & Teller, US Magician Team

Prazzie said...

Don't worry, I'm a trained copywriter. Stand back. Everything is going to be fine.

Together, we can defeat the sketpticism.

Flavin said...

Title fixed. Ben has not the deftest fingers.

Ben said...

I missed something...Typo in my title? And yes, I type quite horribly. Quickly but horribly inaccurate. I often type incorrect words instead of misspelling so the spellchecker doesn't catch it. I think my fingers have patterns they prefer.