Thursday, January 10, 2008


As we are a Society, we're always looking for new members. New people coming to meetings means we can hopefully break the "club" dynamic that's been present so far; new people also means new viewpoints and new conversations we've not had before.

I found out today that Saint Gasoline, whom I've linked before, is apparently from St. Louis (see also the about page). This is wonderful news. Hopefully we can bring him to the next meeting along with some of his friends. But we probably wouldn't be able to have said meeting at my apartment like the last one.

Speaking of that last meeting, it will have been one month ago as of Saturday. Since we haven't even set a date for it, let alone an itinerary, I hereby formally announce that the January meeting of the St. Louis Skeptical Society will be held late.


Saint Gasoline said...

How many people are part of your skeptic society? If you're looking to recruit people, I'm sure there are skepticism meet-ups over at for the St. Louis area who may be interested. There's not yet a group for it up there, but there are about 20 people interested. Plus you could recruit from similar groups like the atheism group (which has 100 or so members). Then your apartment certainly wouldn't be big enough!