Friday, January 4, 2008

This Book is Everywhere

A new book is out about evolution and creationism. Published by the National Academy of Sciences, it aims to explain to the general public why evolution is science and creationism isn't.

It seems I can't turn around without seeing this story. Evolving Thoughts talked about it and linked to a press release. I get the New York Times Science section on my Google homepage, and they've got a story about it. Also on my homepage are updates from ScienceNOW, and what should I see but another mention of this book.

So, with all this sciencey-bloggy-media blitz, I figured I'd check it out. They've got it online for free, you know. A mere few pages in, what should I see but that one of the authors is in the biology department of a certain local university. Perhaps we have someone to contact about a lecture for an upcoming meeting.

I'll have a review soon.