Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Further Proof Science is Sexy

Dr. T. Stuart Meloy has developed spinal implant to treat bladder and pain problems that has the sexy side effect of causing orgasms in most women. According to an LA Times article:

Women who have used the device say they feel as if their clitoris and vagina are actually being stimulated, to quite realistic effect. ("One woman asked me, 'Would it be considered adultery if I gave the remote control to someone other than my husband?' " Meloy says.)

Some volunteers also report fleeting episodes of clenched foot muscles, Meloy says, probably a result of electrical pulses leaving the spine and stimulating nearby motor nerves. (He wonders if the phenomenon might somehow be related to a common orgasm description: "My toes curled.")

And when the device's pulse intensity is cranked up to maximum, Meloy says, some women find their vaginal and rectal muscles squeezing rhythmically in time with the pulses, even before the orgasmic finale.
Dr. Meloy is now looking for FDA approval to use the device to treat female orgasm dysfunction.

But that's not all!

Meloy says he has also implanted two impotent men with the device. Both volunteers were able to achieve an erection, he says, and reportedly had powerful ejaculations.

As soon as the good Doctor finds a way to bring the price down from a steep $12,000, perhaps we'll see a slightly less frustrated America. And some say science is boring...

Read more here and over at Skepchick. Here is the LA Times article.


adam said...

proof science is sexy? or proof science is creepy?

Ben said...

Study sex things = sexy

Plus I don't think it is creepy in the least. I see it as nothing but a positive thing that some people may choose choose to embrace while others may not. Nothing really "creepy" about it.

adam said...

studying sex things is definitely not necessarily sexy. in fact it usually isn't.

plus a vibrator implant sounds too much like that one time i cut holes in my pants pockets and stopped wearing underwear so i could pleasure myself at will. just because their innovation cost $12,000 more than mine doesn't make it any less creepy.