Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Skepticism in Art

A recent trip to the St. Louis Art Museum, combined with a recent read-though of Neil Gaiman's American Gods (available on the web for free for the rest of March), have gotten me thinking about art, mostly of the visual sort. I won't say much about what I've been pondering, because if I start talking about art I'll show exactly how little I know about it. But I do want to broadcast a few thoughts.

I want to see more art about skepticism or skeptical ideas. I'm not sure how much currently exists, and in what form, but wherever it is I want to see it. If it doesn't exist, I hope people will start making it. If no one does, I can try it myself, but I don't think anyone will like the result. That includes me.

Take, for instance, my photoshopped picture at the top of the page. It's something I did in about twenty minutes after seeing a perfect picture for the joke. It's not art, it's a gag. But that's what we can expect from me. Don't leave this in my hands.

Send me some links to skeptically-themed art and I'll be grateful. You will be too, if James Randi, Ace Attorney has anything to say about it.

-Thanks to the Skepchick for her picture of Randi on flickr, which I shamelessly stole.


Podblack said...

Both of the artworks ('The Pod-Black Cat' and 'The Digital Cuttlefish') are by Michael 'Athon' McRae.

He works for Science By Email for the CSIRO, which is a weekly mailout that regularly features his art every edition. His work has appeared in various science publications and he has done interviews for podcast and Fuzzy Logic radio show in Canberra.

His website is:
An interview with him is featured here:

Flavin said...

Thanks for the links! I checked out his webpage and signed up for Science by Email. I'll listen to the interviews soon.