Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Skeptics + Bar = Fun!

So we have received a few e-mail from skeptics in the area asking to be informed of our next meeting.'s soon! Probably next Friday(April 4). Before we finalize the details, I was wondering how many people would interested in having a get together at a local drinking establishment in lieu of a formal meeting. I am specifically interested in those who I do not know personally but who would like to hang out with a bunch of graduate student skeptics. Anyone who could get here would be welcome. It would be in St. Louis, probably in the University City area. Leave a comment if you are interested. I would like to get a very tentative headcount. Remember, all skeptics are welcome. We'll even take non-skeptics if they're fun.


Copernic said...

Would be interested.
Am coming in from business travel that evening so I may be late.
I'll check back to the blog to find out the logistics.