Saturday, March 22, 2008

Steven Fishman

After the infamous Tom Cruise video of a few months ago, the 'tubes were abuzz with this and other Scientology videos. However, these videos had in common that they were only for humor, making Cruise or other Scientologists look crazy. Not all videos must be this way, however.

Courtesy of Penny Arcade I came across the Steven Fishman Deposition. As part of a lawsuit with the Church, former member Fishman recorded on video his experiences in and about Scientology. To get a peek into the mind of what Scientologists actually think, this video is an invaluable tool. Words can only do so much, so I post the videos here. They're long, and there are a lot of them, but if you've got some spare time this isn't a bad way to spend it.

Comments on video 1
16ish minutes: The jargon is maddening! When the lawyer asks about some words, Fishman laughs and starts throwing extra jargon at him, apparently on purpose.
23:30: Scientologists are like Q. They got bored being infinitely powerful and removed their own powers for fun. Also, Fishman mentions the tone scale here; boredom is 2.5.
26ish - PDCs (Philadelphia Doctorate Courses) teach you how to create your own universe. I'll have to read those.

Whether you've watched none, all, or any number in between, post thoughts in the comments below.