Thursday, April 24, 2008

Youngest Full-time Professor is 19 Years Old

I don't have time to type a lot about this, but I find it fascinating. I recommend reading here. Not only is she a professor, but she teaches math and physics, notoriously hard to teach. I am sure we will not get any follow-up to the story, but I would like to know how she ends up as a teacher. I always thought child-prodigies grew up to be fairly normal, but I base that on idle speculation.


Flavin said...

"Sabur is set to start physics studies and teaching next month at Konkuk."

So are they having her earn her PhD while she teaches?

Also, "child prodigy" is redundant. Prodigy, from Merriam-Webster:, is "2 b : a highly talented child or youth."

Ben said...

Oh well. There are many redundant phrases out there in popular usage.

I guess the article would have indicated if she had an advanced degree. If she does not, how can she be a full-time professor AND a graduate student at the same time. It seems like that contradicts the idea of being a full-time professor.