Saturday, December 8, 2007

Comer on Science Friday

Earlier I mentioned that Chris Comer, former Texas science education administrator and current victim of creationist bigotry, would be featured on Science Friday. Well, she was, but it was disappointingly short. Only 12 minutes long, in fact. She wasn't even able to tell half the story she wanted to before the timer ran out. Sad.

Anyway, there were a few thoughts I had.

  • Comer sent out her email about the Barbara Forrest talk at 9:49. It somehow made its way to the local Bush appointee and self-appointed thought police, Lizzette Reynolds, who sent an email to Comer's boss demanding she be fired. Comer's boss talked to her at 11:21. It took only about an hour and a half for this to go down.

  • Previous reports had used the word "resigned." From Comer's story, she was fired. Completely blindsided, in fact. Her boss called her in for a meeting, and when she showed up that morning her computer password didn't work.

  • Prior to this incident, Comer had felt she was going to be a target. She could see the rising tide of creationism and knew her bosses would want to get rid of her.

  • The last time there was a biology book adoption in Texas, the director of education and flaming creationist, Don McLeroy, invited both the entire board of the Discovery Institute and also Euginie Scott of the NCSE to speak. That's awfully noble of him; he was actually following the "Teach the Controversy" mantra the DI pushes. Oh, but he let every single DI board member speak first, so that Eugenie Scott didn't speak until 2 am. Doesn't really sound like he wanted her side to be heard at all, only his own.

That seems to be all. Not a lot of new info, but some more detail.