Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scientology Protest in St. Louis

I don't have much information on the specifics, but I drove by the Scientology center today to see approximately 50 protesters across the street holding signs that said things like "Cult of Scientology". There were police on the Scientology center's side of the street, but it seemed a fairly innocuous protest. The protesters seemed to be in good spirits and waved as I drove by. It was quite a wonderful sight. Kudos to those braving to cold to tell it like it is!

This protest is part of the recent announcement by the hacker group Anonymous of their intention to bring down Scientology. Here are some more links. (1, 2). Here, I found the itinerary of today's protest. The overall organization of the protests seems non-violent and quite amazing. I hope the protests around the globe go well today.

Hail Xenu!


Flavin said...

That's awesome. If I weren't still in my pjs and doing homework I would so check it out. But sadly those two things are both true.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for noticing us! Anonymous protested at "Churches" of Scientology around the world today, in recognition of Lisa McPherson's birthday ( For more information, please visit:

Saint Gasoline said...

I only wish we'd see this sort of thing happening to Catholic or Pentecostal churches.