Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scientology Protest Update

I have scavenged the internet for more information on the protests. Here is news of protests in Australia (a video, and more); Los Angeles (more); Boston; Clearwater, Florida (Scientology Headquarters: more); Detroit; and Hollywood. I will keep my eyes peeled for more. Feel free to either e-mail me (slss.ben at gmail dot com) more news stories from other areas if you come across them or leave links in the comments. I am finding this way too interesting.

Update: Chris Hoofnagle of the Denialism Blog protested in San Francisco.

Here is some info on London's protests (more); Buffalo, NY; Arizona; the CNN building (LA again, with video), ST. LOUIS; Canada; more on Clearwater, Florida; and Pittsburgh.

More Updates:
USA Today article; Washington D.C.; Austin; Seattle; Portland, OR; Dallas, Houston; Scotland ( quite a great article); Chicago; Dublin (video); here is another good summary.


Podblack Blog said...

The TANK Vodcast will feature interviews and on the scene footage, including significant interviews with people (see the blog) - hope you enjoy the show! :)